Growth Driven Design

Your website is your most valuable marketing tool. Taking the best approach to its design is important. It is essential to have an efficient, up to date website in order to stay ahead of the competition. Growth Driven Design is a better approach to web design. This particular approach significantly reduces the launch time for a new or redesigned website, provides improvement strategies from current user data and allows for constant improvements over a larger amount of time compared to a traditional website build. The GDD process has three simple stages.

GDD: Three Stages



Phase 1: Strategy

During this phase the following information will be gathered, your company’s profile, customer profile, customers journey, marketing goals and a wish list for your website. This information will be used to develop a personalized strategy plan to solve your customer’s problems, develop a proper sales funnel and the base design for your website launch pad. This phase will take about 10-14 days, it happens quickly, without sacrificing quality and essential to move to the next phase.

Phase 2: Launch Pad

During this phase, your launchpad website will be created. This pad will not be your final product but it will be a significant improvement from what you have today. This will be the strong foundation that will be improved upon using active user feedback. This feedback data will be collected and utilized during the improvement phase.

Phase 3: Continuous Improvement

During this phase, feedback is collected from active users. This feedback reveals what is working on your launchpad site and what is not. That data is analyzed and used to improve on your site’s design, inbound sales strategy, and customer journey. This is the time were the ideas to improve your site are tested in order to continuously improve it. This phase happens in sprints (about twice a month) over time until your marketing goals are reached.

Traditional Design VS Growth Driven Design

Time Frame

A traditional website could take four months to a year to launch. Once it is launched you usually have 30 days of maintenance before you are stuck with the final product. This maintenance doesn’t include major changes nor does this include any user feedback of your new site. This can be problematic if your original sales funnel fails. Your customer should have a pleasant buying experience from beginning to end and you should be receiving feedback to help you plan that journey. This type of feedback can only be provided with GDD.
The Growth Driven Design process launches quickly, taking around two to three months for the initial launch. Then, with the continuous improvement phase, the guesswork out of your marketing strategy since your website is continuously improved based on active users responses to your site. When it comes to business, time is of the essence. Most owners cannot wait a year to discover how their marketing needs change, not to mention the cost of another redesign to meet those needs.


The cost difference between traditional web design and GDD development may not be much, but the payment convenience is significant. GDD usually cost about $1200 a month (or more depending on the complexity) over a time period of six to twelve months. With this payment plan, you not only receive a new trendy website you also obtain, current marketing strategies and continuous web development based on current user feedback for the term of your GDD plan. So, not only are you receiving more for your money, the monthly plan makes the development of your website convenient and affordable.
The traditional web design process usually costs $10,000, with half as a down payment and the rest due upon completion. While your web development team will work rigorously to develop a strategic strategy for your site, it will not be tested and improved upon using live feedback from new and returning customers. So, with the traditional web development process, you may end up spending more for a website that is not efficient with inbound sales as it should be.
Growth Driven Design may not be the best path for all companies. But, if you need flexibility in payments, a new site up quickly and want your website to improve from current user feedback data then GDD is right for you.