Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your next customer is searching the web. Will they find you?
The SEO Process
We break our process down into three pathways: on-page, content and link-building. The following is what is included in each pathway monthly.

We start all pathways with on-boarding. This is the setup part of the SEO process where we determine the health of your website and prepare for the optimization work.

During on-boarding, we do the following:

  • perform a detailed SEO audit
  • connect your site with Google Analytics and Search Engine Console
  • analyze your traffic and site structure
  • become familiar with your products and services
  • research your target customers and competition
  • conduct detailed keyword research

On-boarding typically takes about 14 days.


After Onboarding we move to On-page SEO, where we provide technical on-page improvements and copy optimization focusing on improving rankings, SERPs, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

This phase consists of everything we do directly to the website to improve your site's search ranking. Cleaning up code, updating page titles and meta descriptions, internal linking, ensuring content is readable, keyword usage and optimizing page loading speed are all examples of on-page SEO.


Content marketing, like link-building, is considered off-page SEO or activities that occur outside of your site to improve your search engine ranking. And while link-building is the back bone of off-page SEO, fresh compelling content that directly answers the visitor's search queries is the meat. Keywords need to be optimized to attract search engines and high-quality content needs to be created to earn links and citations

In this phase, you get:

  • Three 800 – 900 word articles
  • royalty-free stock “featured” image for each article
  • posting/scheduling to your site
  • content topic planner
  • in-depth keyword research
  • ongoing reporting dashboards and more

Links or backlinks is the method used to connect all websites together on the internet. Along these links your search query goes out looking for the best answer and search engines use backlinks as indications of the linked-to content's quality and relevance, so a site with many high value backlinks will usually rank better than an otherwise equal site with fewer backlinks.

We do an in-depth backlink analysis to determine if the existing backlinks are helping or hindering the relevancy of the site.

We also research and compile relevant websites and domains to outreach to, ideally with a higher domain authority for the most authoritative results.

And, each month we manually outreach and follow up with at least 50 unique domains and websites to pitch and secure links as well as uncover additional opportunities for links and promotion, such as guest posts.