Our Process
It's a three-step process to building a lead generating machine.
Website Development

It starts with thorough keyword and competitor research and analysis. Once completed, a site map and wire frame are developed to demonstrate design structure and navigation flow.

Launch Pad
The intent is to get the website designed, developed and launched within the first 30 days. The site will consist of high-impact content and pages based upon the buyer's journey. There will be clear calls-to-action,  lead magnets for downloadable content, and tools installed to monitor and track the user experience and KPIs.

Sprint Modifications
Using Sprint methodology, we will monitor and modify the high impact pages according to the data derived from the site's visitors for the next three months. Content will be added, deleted or modified as needed until completely optimized for conversion.

Content Marketing

Downloadable Content
This refers to content that is provided to the prospective customer in exchange for their contact information or to aid them in their decision making process. It includes such content as articles, white papers, videos, infographics, checklists, newsletters and eBooks.

Content Refresh
Based on continuous research and analytics collected, we will refresh the content on all high impact pages once a quarter and modify low impact pages to improve their ranking on search engines.

Email Marketing
We will provide one email campaign per month complete with automated workflows. Leads can come from either those collected via your website or we can get unsolicited leads from our lead-generation software.

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO
This is where we make changes directly to the pages of your website, such as improving content or adding keywords.

Technical SEO
This refers to fine-tuning of the site’s source code, sitemap, speed, security, structured data, and other back-end elements.

Off-Page SEO
This refers to those things that reside outside of your website that help your page to rank, such as with backlinking, listings, social promotion, guest posting, PR, and more.