Online Marketing Brings Traffic

This is how you get people to come to your website. Just building a site is not enough. You need to reach
out to your market using tried and true marketing methods that will develop the leads you need and make the sales you want.

We know how to bring in visitors so you can turn them into customers. We can perform any of the methods below or develop a plan for you that will use the needed combination to drive traffic to your site.

Email marketing

Although some might consider this method old fashioned, email marketing is still a great way to communicate with customers and prospects. Email marketing tends to have a higher ROI than any other online marketing method, is a solid first step towards customer engagement, and is an easy method for qualifying your leads and increasing your chances of conversion to a sale.

Landing pages

A landing page is any page that the visitor to your site first sees when they arrive. Quite often it is your home page, but it can also be a standalone page that is designed for a specific purpose or function. Typically, it is used to excite your customers about your product or service so they will provide you their contact information or create a sale by leading them along the path in your site that will persuade them to make a purchasing decision.

Content marketing

An entire library can be filled with the books and articles written on this subject, but for those with marketing savvy, content marketing is not new. In the world of sales and marketing, content has always been king. Every image, word and feature should be designed and created to engage your customer with the ultimate intent of driving them to do whatever action is required by you.

It is not just the writing of good content, but a combination of site design, promotional activity and
imagery all aimed at establishing a unique and positive experience for your customer.

Social media marketing

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Instagram. Google+. YouTube.

Everyone is familiar with these powerful tools that can be used to reach out to the market place. What we do is adapt your social media so that you leverage this power and engage your customer base, increasing your visibility and your ability to market your product or service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In a nutshell, this is what the web world calls the methods used to get your site ranked as high as possible on a page so people can find you when they use search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO deals specifically with the organic, or the unpaid and free, side of search. t is such a large part of the internet that it is now a standalone industry where there are companies that do nothing else but SEO.

There are two forms of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page focuses on the coding and content of your site. Those things that can be changed by the web developer.

Off-page SEO consists of those things external to your site such as links, promotional activity and social media. Things not influenced by changing the code. These things can reflect on the authority and quality of your site to search engines, leading them to give your site a higher quality score when it comes to ranking.

Local SEO

The SEO mentioned above usually refers to a general search that may or may not have geographic limitations. Local SEO is what we do when you want to reach out specifically to the customers in your local area. It’s a focused and more precise way of getting visibility in a specific geographic area.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Where SEO applies to the organic search, PPC applies to the paid side of search engine marketing. A very popular way of advertising online, PPC is the fastest way to get ranked on the first page when customers do a search.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is the tool used in collaboration with either online or offline advertising to show the effectiveness of your advertising. We will provide you with a tracking number that will be directed to whichever phone number you wish. Phone calls can be recorded for quality assurance and will be added to analytics data so you can see which ad is working.


Associated with SEO, this is the analysis of collected data to monitor the performance of your site and its ability to attract visitors and convert them to leads. Using analytics, we can tell such things as where visitors come in, how long they stay, and where they exit so that effective modifications can be made to ensure your site is relevant to the needs of your market.