You’ve paid for it to be built. It needs to be maintained

You’ve put a lot of effort and money into your site, and like anything else in this world, it needs a place to stay and to be maintained. We offer the best in hosting, tech support, training and project management.


Managed Hosting accounts include the following services:

  • Set up — Operating system and control panel installation
  • Monitoring — Server, network, databases, and Apache monitoring
  • Security Scans — Monthly server scans
  • Application Support — Installation and update of supported applications
  • Patching — Official operating system and application patches, updates, and bug fixes
  • Backups — Monthly backups of all sites and databases

If you are the DIY type, we also offer partial and unmanaged hosting at a less expensive rate.

Tech Support

Our team will keep your site running smoothly and with minimum downtime. We also offer maintenance packages to not only maintain your website, but we can make updates and changes to your site at your request.

Project management

Should you have your own development team, but need an experienced project manager with a web development background and international experience, let us know. Our staff has worked with customers, developers and subject matter experts from countries like India, Bosnia, Philippines, Egypt, Canada, Britain, Turkey, Dutch Caribbean and Trinidad & Tobago.